These Factors Affect Car Insurance Rates in NY  

From a buyer’s perspective, knowing how car insurance companies choose prices is what makes the difference between getting a fair price and getting an inflated price. In general, the lower your risk is, the better your car insurance rates will be, and some things are in your control, so being aware of them can drive down the cost over time. 

With this in mind, here’s what you should be aware of. 

Here’s What Affects Your Car Insurance Rates

If you’ve ever shopped online for car insurance, you can see that prices vary between companies a lot, even for the same level of coverage.  So, keep the following factors in mind, one or more of them may be affecting your quotes. 

Your Driving Record Matters

When you go to get car insurance, another thing the insurance company will take a close look at is your driving history. This is the best way to see what risks you pose in the future and is based on your history as a driver. If over the last five years, you have had accidents and traffic violations or DUIs, you will be paying much more than other drivers who don’t have this history, 

This is because you’ll be labelled as an ‘at risk’ driver. Although it sounds dire, you can work to better your driving record. All you have to do is practice safe driving practices for a few years and you’ll notice your insurance premiums reduce as well. 

Credit is Important

Another aspect insurance companies pay a lot of attention to is your credit history. This is what tells the insurance company how financially viable you are and how likely you are to make your payments on time. This is also something you can increase over time, so pay attention to your credit. 

Your Coverage Matters

The level of coverage you choose will always have an impact on your car insurance pricing, but it’s important to not focus on the least coverage for the least cost. You want to find the right coverage for your personal needs while also making sure you meet state requirements.  When you check NY insurance companies, you’ll see what the state minimum is. 

Deductibles Matter

Your deductible amount will also matter. The deductible is what you pay out of pocket if you file a claim for car repair bills. You can choose your deductible and the higher the deductible, the lower the insurance premium tends to be. 

Car Insurance History Matters

If you’re a brand new driver, and you’ve just gotten your license, it’s likely that you will end up paying more. Especially if you were previously attached to your parent’s car insurance policy and now have your own. This is because car insurance companies have no way to see how much of a risk you will pose in the future. 

In addition to this, a coverage gap can also cause higher rates, and this is when you don’t have car insurance for a set amount of time, and this will cause a red flag in the eyes of insurance companies. There are ways to work around this, but they can mean a little extra cost. 

The Car Matters

Your car’s specifics also play a role in setting your car insurance rates. The car insurance companies will look at theft rates for your car model, repair costs and past claims made on the same car model. If you own a rare or high-end car, your repair cost will be higher, so your rates will also be higher. But if you own an older car, you may also pay more due to the car needing more repairs.

Age & Experience Matters

Young drivers will also pay higher car insurance rates as they are deemed to be at a higher risk for car accidents. If you’re a driver between the age of 16-19, you’re statistically more likely to be in a dangerous crash, so car insurance companies take this into account. 

Your Area Code Matters

Your location matters too, as weather, the likelihood of theft and how busy the roads are all affect the likelihood that you will need to claim one day. So, car drivers living in metropolitan areas, like Manhattan, will have to pay more, whereas if you live in a less populated area with less crime, you’ll pay less. 

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