Learning  About Checklist for Name Change After Marriage

Changing your name after marriage is a new beginning but comes with a lot of documentation and logistical work. Here’s a checklist to help you make this transition smoothly:

Notify Social Security Administration

First, notify the SSA of your new legal name, which will give rise to the renewal of your Social Security card. You will be required to complete an easy application, submit authentic papers connecting your old name to your married one such as the marriage certificate) and a minor fee for the updated ID.

Renew your driver’s license and passport card.

Therefore, visit your local DMV to acquire a new Driver’s License with your new last name. Besides, if you have a passport, you will also be required to complete a change of name form and attach your marriage certificate and passport for the update of your details.

Changing bank and financial accounts

Call all banks and financial institutions that you have accounts with so that they can do a name change to the family name. Bank accounts, credit cards, investment and retirement accounts, even insurance policies are also part of your finance accounts. In case changes have taken place, update your login and make the necessary changes on your profiles.

Update medical providers and insurance.

Ensure you contact your healthcare providers when you have medical, vision or dental insurance and provide paperwork to change your name in their system. Inform your doctors, therapists, pharmacies and other health care providers in order to update their records with your new name.

Inform the post office about this.

In case you get the mail from PO Box, do a change of address form in your local post office.

Change job-related information

Inform your employer in order for your payroll and employee records to reflect your new name. Submit requests for updating your business cards, website bios, published articles or bylines and other related work items if they are connected to your name.

Changing memberships and subscriptions

Please follow the Name change after marriage checklist procedure for gym memberships, alumni associations, etc., as well as magazine subscriptions and other regular services for this to work.

Targeted entries and online presence

Make sure you update your name on all online places where it is required including social networking sites, shopping sites, forums, loyalty programmes and others where you have a presence. You should also ensure that the email addresses for these sites are updated where necessary.

Changing documents and records

Make sure you update your name in other important documents and records such as property titles, apartments leases, diplomas, transcripts, car registrations and titles, among others. Each institution’s instructions have more details.

Announce to everyone

Remember, tell your friends, family, colleagues and acquaintances that they need to update the contacts. Make the announcement clear and wide through social media, emails, and even the common mail.


Changing your name after marriage involves a lot, but if you follow these steps to the letter, you are bound to succeed. After some months, you should realize that the new name is part of your everyday life.